Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kohala Ditch Reservoir Number 3

Following the Koloko Dam disaster on Kauai, the State Department of Land and Natural Resources stepped up the dam inspection program and began to review dam safety through out the islands. Many of the earthen reservoirs which are remnant from the past sugar cane era have come under scrutiny and have been identified for renovation or closure.
Among the reservoirs currently being studied is Reservoir #3 along the Kohala Ditch. The reservoir serves Cloverleaf Dairy just south of Hawi -- one of only two dairys left in the state --and a number of other agricultural enterprises in the area. The importance of retaining the reservoir and insuring the stability and sustainability of water available to the dairy and other farmers in the area is key to a long-term plan for agricultural self-sufficiency on the Big Island.
Toward this end, I will be drafting legislation which will insure the on-going viability of Reservoir #3 and will work with the community to identify additional sources of water in the event of future ditch disruptions.

Marc Kinoshita Project Manager of Ho'ea Agricultural Park and Dairyman Ed Boteilho stand in front of Reservoir #3.

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