Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ho'ea Agricultural Park

A brochure about the park states: "The Ho'ea Agricultural Park is located on 500 acres of privately owned agricultural land in the Hualua ahupua'a makai of Akoni Pule Highway. Since the closure of the Kohala Sugar Company, these lands have supported enhanced grazing for cattle and dairy cows, a successful sod farm, aquaculture ventures and a small hydroelectric plant.

A master plan now in development is taking a holistic approach to the layout and sequence of various crops, aquaculture operations, pasture use and agricultural processing facilities. Close attention is being given to sequential re-use of water and nutrients, efficient vehicle and equipment access, windbreaks as needed, and the distribution of power and water throughout the park."

Pictured above is Ho'ea Agricultural Park Project Manager Marc Kinoshita standing in front of a demonstration aquaculture pond planted with rice.

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