Elder Care

Partners in the Rural Outreach Services program participate in
dedication featuring the untying of a maile lei at the office door.
Following years of planning, the Rural Outreach Services is finally open and has a home at the North Hawaii Community Education and Research Center (NHERC).

In Honoka'a, numerous services and agencies are rotating through the ROS office at NHERC, and these opportunities are now available to the residents of the Hamakua Coast for the first time.  This marks the fulfillment of a long held goal of the Hamakua Elder Care Partners to create a service center helping the elderly and others in need closer to home.

Future goals of the Hamakua Elder Care Partners envision the development of adult day care facility, an alzheimer's unit, and assisted living complex.   This coupled with the Hale Ho'ola Long Term Care Facility would provide a full range of elder care services that could serve as a model for other rural communities.