Sunday, December 27, 2009

Akiko's Wailea Mochi Pounding

Wailea became the center of the mochi universe on Sunday as hundreds gathered for good fun, food and fellowship at the annual mochi pounding sponsored by Akiko of Akiko's Buddhist Bed and Breakfast. The event, which is celebrating it's 12th anniversary transforms the quiet former plantation community into a mochizuki mecca as residents and visitors gather to take their swing with the kine or wooden mallets which will help to insure good luck in the coming new year.
Events like this throughout the district helps to create a sense of place, an idea of belonging and the building of community. Though the development of a strong cultural fabric, these communities have been able to celebrate milestones and weather adversities, becoming stronger with each event. Participants took turns at swinging the kine or wooden mallets used to pound the glutinous rice into a paste.
Volunteers and community members gather around the table as the rice paste is formed into rice cakes or mochi.
Hui Okinawa Taiko performs in front of a crowd of on lookers fronting Akiko's Bed and Breakfast and the Motonaga Garage Art Gallery.

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