Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ferlow Frydaze Rilly Wurkd fo Meeh

Among the Christmas presents that I received this year was a tee-shirt bring a specific message and a special request that I wear the shirt at the capitol. The message was loud and clear that the school furloughs would have a detrimental impact on the students in our public schools and that eventually we would all pay the price for the want of saving a few dollars.

The Governor, Board of Education, DOE and the HSTA all need to stop the finger pointing and get together on a proposal that they can all agree. That is the only way that the legislature is going to be able to appropriate any money to end this school furlough disaster.

The gift came from Aiea Intermediate Students Chase and Kylie Urasaki. Their dad, Rev. Alan Urasaki is standing next to me in the photo above.

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