Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Ca!

"Wishing you prosperity" is the traditional Chinese New Year Greeting in Mandarin.  2012 is the Year of the Male Water Dragon, the 29th of the Stem-Branch in the system.  Because water is connected to Black in the five element system, Year 2012 is also called the Black Dragon Year.

The Dragon, the fifth animal in the cycle follows the Year of the Rabbit.  While the Year of the Rabbit was characterized by calm and tranquility, the Year of the Dragon will be marked by excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity.
The Rabbit imbues people with the sense of cautious optimism, but people respond to the spirit of the Dragon with energy, vitality, and unbridled enthusiasm, often throwing all caution to the wind - which can be an unwise move:  The Dragon is all about drama, but if you take unnecessary risks, you may find yourself starring in your own personal tragedy.

Mark feeds the Lion for Wishes of Good Luck in 2012!

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