Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kohala Armory

The Kohala National Guard Alumni contacted my office regarding possible use of the old Kohala National Guard Armory.  The property sits in the middle of Kamehameha Park and the former guardsmen were hoping to use the facility for a meeting place and club house.  This seemed like an easy enough request and a call was placed with the Hawaii Department of Defense (DOD).  This is where the story got a little tricky.
It seems that after the National Guard abandoned the property, a closure report was made and the property was turned over to the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).  The property was deeded to the Territory of Hawaii by Kohala Sugar Co. for the expressed purpose of housing an armory.  The deed provided for return of the property at the point that the government no longer needed the property for an armory.  Initial discussions with Dole Foods, the successor to Kohala Sugar went unanswered and the issue was dropped.
I am currently working with DLNR, DOD and the Attorney Generals Office to try and determine how to go about resolving this issue.  There is a need to remove some material from the property and the departments are currently at odds on how this will be accomplished.  There may be a need for legislation to direct that this be resolved and that negotiations commenced to remedy the ownership issue.  It is hoped that once the legislation is in place, negotiations can commence to allow for the clean up of the property and allowing the Guardsmen entry to the property for a meeting place and club house.

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