Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sayre Foundation Dinner Honors Fire Fighters who answer Above and Beyond the Call

The Daniel R. Sayre Memorial Foundation is dedicated to providing essential life-saving equipment and training needed by Hawaii Fire Department here on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Foundation was started then years ago by Dr. Frank Sayre and Laura Mallery-Sayre when they lost their son Danny in a hiking accident and experienced first-hand the heroism and perilous nature of the work that the Hawaii Fire Department experiences on a regular basis. At the time, the Fire Department did not have rappelling ropes long enough to reach the bottom of the valley, so Hawaii Fire Department personnel took their helicopter down into Polulu Valley at great personal risk. Pictured above are members of the Hawaii County Fire Department who were involved in an ocean rescue and a incident off Kohala Mountain Road who were the 2010 Award Recipients.

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