Monday, February 16, 2009

Waipio Valley Taskforce

State, Federal and County officials joined together in a meeting with Waipio Valley farmers and residents to address issues and concerns that resulted from rockfall during the 2006 earthquake.

While it is almost a year and a half later, the debis that entered the stream during the earthquake is now causing stream diversion and flooding problems for valley farmers and residents.

Waipio farmer Jim Cain leads the discussion that includes residents, farmers, and various government officials. State Civil Defense Director Ed Texeira was the first to identify the concern and took the lead in organizing state, federal and county agencies to work together gain the necessary permits to allow for the dredging of the stream's mouth.

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me said...

interesting to find this post in 2014 (april) and still the river stays full of debris!

you gotta love a government that does nothing.. considering how bad they screw stuff up when they actually do something, eh?!